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A Guide for Eaters in an Eating Town




My partner and I love to travel and when we visit new places, we love to eat our way through the town’s best restaurants. And although we rent a beautiful home in Ptown with a great kitchen, we look forward to taking many of our meals out each week in order to take advantage of some of the great Provincetown restaurants. We return to some of these restaurants 5, 6 or even 7 times over the course of the summer.  And that has inspired me to write these reviews. 

The reviews on this site reflect my own opinions. But multiple visits to these restaurants provides its own statistical reliability. And as you will see, I have included a few (and only a few) that I have visited only once and they are noted clearly. And I look forward to becoming regulars at some of them during the season.     

All reviews use a 0 to 5 point rating system. I've applied the same principles in rating each.  And, there are some places I may be willing to look away from the occasional problem....and others not. Strange how that is and I'm sure that some of you have your own examples to share.  

I welcome feedback from everyone both positive and negative and if you've tried one of the "2" and "3" rated restaurants and found my review off base, let me know. Tell me I’m spot on, or say WTF. And If I’ve left out a wonderful place, then most definitely let me know about that too. Check back! I intend to update this quite frequently throughout the summer season.   

As of Summer 2019, there are over 30 reviews (plus the grab and go spots and a brief list of bars) .....and counting. There are a number of 5 point and 4½ point reviews (see above). If you are here for an extended time, all of them are great choices. When I wrote this, I predominantly had in mind those who have come here for a few days rather than weeks.

My purpose in creating this site………. If you love good food and you can eat only in a handful of places, here is where I would eat those meals. 

Eating Provincetown........ and loving it.



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