For all that the town has to offer and the popularity of gourmet, artisan-like pizza in major cities around the country, why hasn't a place dedicated strictly to great pizza landed here ? Surely there is a market for it just as there was for great burgers. Spiritus? I'd say best eaten during a drunken state at 1 a.m. C'mon chefs of P-town....get it together. 


The introduction of great truck food certainly arrived some time ago but the road is still long for chef's inventiveness and creativity on a one-burner stove. If only there were an empty parking lot that we could dedicate. There is the lot at Herring Cove beach. Hmmmm. Could be a destination spot and right here within P-town limits!

and your wish list??

Send in your comments using the link on the Home page. What is this town missing? Or what is there simply too much of that should take a hike?  What chef should we beg to open a restaurant here, or whom should we beg to go away?