"So Cool. Thx for the great suggestions. But where are the hot go-go boys?".....John

"An invaluable website for people who visit Provincetown. It gives them great insight into all of the restaurants that matter [here]."........Sbw

"Nice. I probably like the Lobster Pot a little better than you but agree with many of the others." .........Jay

"Hi Ken, I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful, descriptive reviews and ratings. I have a few questions: we’re in Truro, and we tried the Blackfish a few times. Everyone raves, but we didn’t love it. Also, based on your review, we’re going to Baie this weekend. I went for appetizers with a few friends last year and it was good. We also tried Sal’s. It was great but it was a rainy night and even with reservations the wait felt extra long (we were all jammed inside). But very friendly and we’ll go back. These are our favorites for date night: Joon, Ross’ Grille, and The Red Inn (prefer bar seating). We haven’t been to Victor’s this year but have been many times in the past. We enjoy the Lobster Pot when they are not busy, we adore their Chef’s Salad: it’s fresh and delicious. Lobster Bisque is loved by other family members. We really enjoy Mac’s Fish House most of the time, although it’s crowded and noisy in the summer and there are often young children. Agree with you on Chach, it’s fantastic. We went to Front Street once and I wouldn’t rate it very highly at all. The Mews is ok, but I always think we can do better. Spindlers has been spotty, sometimes good food and service, other times off. A big thank you to you for your well written reviews and for putting this site together"  .........Sandy